Hello again Blogosphere!

I am back and still a budding young journalist embarking on life’s adventures and the journalism world.

I stepped away from my blog for a long while and am now back again. I do admit, I only blogged as a class requirement for one of my courses in college. But I think that it could be a good thing to share my career and life experiences, after-all, I do read others blogs for advice and reviews.

While I have been away, I graduated from the University of Missouri’s Journalism School with a Bachelors in Journalism and an emphasis is Radio and Television. It was there that I first stepped in front of the camera, as well as, worked behind the scenes at NBC Affiliate KOMU-TV. After graduation I was a freelance reporter for HighSchoolSports.net and worked for the St. Louis Rams as a production assistant. From there, I took a temporary step away from journalism to work as a video editor and production assistant at a video production company in St. Louis. In July, I came back to journalism as the web editor and general assignment reporter for the Republic-Times multimedia publication in the Greater St. Louis area. I redesigned the newspaper’s website, introduced video to the publication and helped make them into a multimedia publication. Recently, I was named the sports editor on top of my website duties.

You can read more about my career journey—->> here.

l will do my best to chronicle some of my experiences while I have been away and share new ones as my journey continues.

Best regards,