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              Sound absorption and insulation

              From: Dongguan Chengfei Technology Co., Ltd.   Date:2019-03-29  Hits:1660  Belong to:Industry application

              Sound absorption and insulation
              Chengfei has been committed to providing digital intelligent cutting solutions for users in the global sound-absorbing and thermal insulation industry. The diversified digital cutting system can meet the processing needs of different materials and processes. For sound insulation board, sound insulation cotton, heat insulation board and heat insulation cotton materials, Chengfei can help users process high-quality products more quickly and accurately in limited time and space, whether it is personalized customization or mass production. A steady stream of creativity helps users quickly improve the competitiveness of the industry and lead the sound insulation industry to develop healthily and steadily!
              Polyester fiber acoustic board
              Digitization is changing the cutting mode of PVC soft glass. There are many kinds of tables with different sizes and shapes. Personalized demand is the leading market. Therefore, the digital cutting machine should be used to quickly cut the finished products according to the personalized requirements of customers. In addition to cutting, it can also cut the beveled edge effect, prevent cutting hands and be beautiful to meet the personalized needs of customers.

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