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              Garment textile

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              Garment textile
              Chengfei cutting system provides professional solutions for proofing and small batch production in textile and garment industry. Equipped with high-speed driving wheel knife, electric vibration knife, pneumatic vibration knife and punching machine head, whether you need to cut chiffon, silk, wool and jeans, Chengfei can provide suitable cutting tools and schemes for different types of cutting rooms such as men's clothing, women's clothing, children's clothing, fur, women's underwear and sportswear.
              Sample production
              Chengfei digital cutting simplifies sample production. We can provide the collected samples to customers early in the R & D process, and the customer's feedback can be incorporated into the creation, thus reducing the R & D time and R & D cost.
              Fashion dress
              Digitization is changing the garment industry. The demand for personalized styles and mass customization prices is increasing. With the investment in fine and highly automated production processes, manufacturers are facing increasing digitization and shorter product life cycle.
              Even in the field of sportswear, large quantities of goods are no longer taken for granted. Due to digitization and changing customer needs, personalized customization and textile production have increasingly become the focus.

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