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              CF series home soft material cutting machine

              CF series home soft material cutting machine

              The picture is for reference only, subject to the actual machine! Support non-standard customization

              home soft material cutting machine solution
              Chengfei has been committed to providing digital intelligent cutting solutions for users in the global software home industry. The diversified digital cutting system can meet the processing needs of different materials and processes. From textile products to leather products, whether personalized customization or mass production, we can help users process high-quality products more quickly and accurately in limited time and space. A steady stream of creativity helps users quickly improve the competitiveness of the industry and lead the software home industry to develop healthily and steadily!
              Carpet floor mat cutting machine - special-shaped cutting, printing carpet edge finding cutting, high precision and high efficiency.
              Applicable industries: carpet industry, floor leather, printed carpet, clothing, etc
              Fur and fur cutting machine - intelligent typesetting, unique cutting technology without damaging fur
              Applicable industries: fur, granular velvet, fur, leather and other materials
              Sofa home textile cutting machine - supporting professional sofa software, supporting one key ruler change and printing recognition
              Applicable industries: can cut leather, sofa cloth, curtains, bedspreads, carpets, floor mats, PVC soft glass table mats, printed table mats, mouse mats and other materials.
              The intelligent cutting function can complete the special-shaped machining of workpieces with high precision and more stability, save materials and produce quickly. Compared with traditional CO2 laser cutting, it has the characteristics of accurate sample cutting, smooth edge, no sawtooth, no yellowing and coking, no powder, dust, peculiar smell, safety and environmental protection, convenient maintenance and low cost. Users can also choose large vision system, projector, multi head, multi beam, lengthening and widening the working area of cutting bed to meet different personalized production needs.
              Typesetting and material saving: the extreme automatic tight typesetting function minimizes material waste and improves fabric utilization.
              Cutting tools: equipped with active round knife tools, single-layer cutting cloth, imitation leather or other textile materials do not need coating, and vibrating knife tools can also be equipped to realize multi-layer cutting.
              Cutting tools: a variety of cutting tools can be configured to cut the fabric efficiently, including v-mouth and round mouth, so as to solve the problem of cutting the fabric of sofa and clothing.
              Feeding and receiving device: various feeding racks (including deviation correction rack) and receiving platform can be configured to meet different needs.
              Grid to grid: if there are requirements for grid to grid, the intelligent grid to grid system can be configured to complete the cutting of grid fabric.

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