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              CF series composite material cutting machine

              CF series composite material cutting machine

              The picture is for reference only, subject to the actual machine! Support non-standard customization

              Composite material cutting solution

              Chengfei provides digital intelligent cutting solutions for intelligent production in the composite industry. It is equipped with diversified cutting tools and pens to meet the cutting of various materials, and can realize cutting, drawing, half cutting, full cutting and other processes with high speed, high intelligence and high precision. It successfully realizes the transition from manual production mode to advanced production mode with high speed and high precision, and fully meets the personalized cutting needs of customers.

              Composite cutting machine - suitable for prepreg, fiber cloth, cotton, rubber, silica gel, membrane and other composite materials.

              Applicable industries: prepreg, glass fiber cloth, carbon fiber cloth, composite cotton cloth, composite mesh cloth, heat insulation cotton, foam, carbon fiber, carbon fiber woven cloth, carbon fiber golf ball, aluminum-plastic composite board, asbestos gasket, carbon fiber, glass fiber, PVC, ETFE, rubber boat, inflatable bed, hot-air balloon and other materials.

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              The intelligent cutting function can complete the special-shaped processing of workpieces with high precision and more stability, save materials, labor and rapid production, and has the characteristics of accurate cutting, smooth edge, no sawtooth, no yellowing and coking, no powder, dust, peculiar smell, safety, environmental protection, convenient maintenance and low cost.


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