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              CF series advertising material cutting machine

              CF series advertising material cutting machine

              The picture is for reference only, subject to the actual machine! Support non-standard customization

              Advertising inkjet cutting solution

              All along, Chengfei has focused on providing more intelligent and efficient production and processing platform for advertising back channel production users, and providing the most professional cutting integrated solution for users in the global advertising industry. Chengfei's new high-speed digital cutting integrated system integrates the three advantages of performance, speed and quality, and meets the customized needs of users with modular tools. The system can quickly complete all kinds of processes such as full cutting, half cutting, router, punching, crease and marking. All functions can be completed on one machine. It can help users process novel, unique and high-quality advertising products more quickly and accurately in limited time and space, so as to more effectively improve the industry competitiveness of advertising production users and help users achieve excellent brands.

              Advertising materials can cut signs on the facade or shop windows, and automobile packaging signs of different sizes and models; Flags and banners, rolling curtains or folding walls - fabric advertising; POS display rack; Advertising stickers, labels and labels, acrylic, corrugated paper, Chevron board, adhesive, KT board, foam, light box, white cardboard, inkjet cloth and other materials.

              The intelligent cutting function can complete the special-shaped processing of workpieces with high precision and more stability, save materials, labor and rapid production, and has the characteristics of accurate cutting, smooth edge, no sawtooth, no yellowing and coking, no powder, dust, peculiar smell, safety, environmental protection, convenient maintenance and low cost.

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