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              CF series luggage shoe cutting machine

              CF series luggage shoe cutting machine

              The picture is for reference only, subject to the actual machine! Support non-standard customization

              Cutting solution of shoe bag leather

              Improve your productivity and flexibility in the footwear industry! While efficiently processing leather, fabric, sole, lining and template materials and ensuring the highest quality, it eliminates the need for expensive knife molds and reduces the demand for manpower. Excellent cutting performance, low operating cost and optimized workflow ensure that your investment returns quickly.

              Leather cutting machine - data import, support single and multi-layer cutting, support leather defect identification, applicable to shoes, bags, sofas and other industries

              It can cut vamp materials, natural leather, synthetic leather, saddle leather, shoemaking leather, sole materials, surface leather, leather bags, leather gloves, leather shoes, automobile interiors, sole cutting, seat covers, printed leather, PU leather, mesh cloth, wool slippers, sponge shoes, golf bags, leisure shoes and other materials

              The intelligent cutting function can complete the special-shaped processing of workpieces with high precision and more stability, free of knife die, save materials, labor and rapid production, accurate cutting, smooth edge, no sawtooth, no yellowing and coking, no deformation, no powder, smoke, peculiar smell, safety and environmental protection, convenient maintenance and low cost.

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