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              Packaging proofing machine

              From: Dongguan Chengfei Technology Co., Ltd.   Date:2018-10-09  Hits:1623  Belong to:News

              Chengfei is committed to ten years of R & D experience in corrugated paper and carton cutting machines, and makes innovations at the technical level. While cutting such materials, it can also cut dozens of flexible materials. The cutting field is more and more extensive, and the cutting technology is more and more advanced. Today, I will mainly introduce corrugated paper cutting machine and carton cutting machine.

              Chengfei corrugated paper cutting machine and carton cutting machine are the same equipment, which can be processed into ordinary conventional shapes and can also meet the cutting of special shapes. The cutting of original corrugated paper and carton is generally done by manual cutting or punch cutting. This cutting method is highly dangerous and the cost of tooling is not low. Chengfei corrugated paper cutting machine adopts blade cutting to avoid yellowing, coking and peculiar smell of laser cutting.

              Parameters of Chengfei corrugated paper cutting machine:

              Model: 1625 1825 2125 customized

              Worktable: 1.6m * 2.5m 1.8m * 2.5m 2.1m * 2.5m customized

              Cutting accuracy: ± 0.01mm

              Cutting thickness: ≤ 50mm

              Cuttable shape: any shape

              Cutting head: vibrating cutter, electric circular cutter, trailing cutter, half cutter, oblique cutter, pressing wheel, punching cutter and milling cutter

              Customizable accessories: large vision small vision industrial projector laser projector CCD camera

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